Gelousy Gel Nails

Gelousy Gel Nailsby Micheles Nail Nook of Fort Collins, Colorado

Gelousy Gel Nails are incredibly durable and flexible giving clients both a natural look and feel.  It can be sculpted or used as an overlay on the natural nail.  Gelousy can be worn clear, as a French manicure, with a Gelousy color or finished with polish.  Gelousy gel nails are odorless and have reduced dust when filing. This offers clients and nail technicians a safer and more pleasant environment.


Benefits of using the Gelousy Nail System for Gel Nail

  • Crystal clear, no fill lines
  • Natural White or Extra White for unique French manicure
  •  Many colors to choose
  •  Thin, natural feel and look
  • Polish may be worn
  • No yellowing, even in sun and tanning beds
  • Everlasting shiny finish, no top coat needed


New Set of Gelousy Nails:  $75

Rebalance of your existing Gelousy Nails: $53


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