Acrylic Nails

Tammy Taylor sculptured acrylic nails are a beautiful and strong nail.   The mixture of  liquid acrylic (monomer) and and acrylic powder (polymer), is applied to the nail and hardens without the use of UV light.  Tammy Taylor offers various shades of beautiful pinks and whites, and well as over 50 gorgeous Prizma colors.

Acrylic nails are the perfect to solution to stop nail biting for both men and women.   Acrylic can be applied to toe nails to correct and prevent in grown toe nails.

Benefits of using Tammy Taylor Products

Tammy Taylor Acrylics by Michele Carroll | Michele's Nail Nook | Fort Collins, CO
Have a beautfiul set of Tammy Taylor Acrylics! So Strong!

• Strong Beautiful Nails

• Gorgeous Pink & White French manicures

• Over 50 Prizma colors to choose

• Polish may be worn

• Long lasting ultra shine finish

New Set of Acrylic Nails:  $75

Rebalance of your existing Acrylic Nails: $53

Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nails by Michele Carroll of Fort Collins, Colorado